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Use the most advanced platform for monitoring weather and emergency alerts.

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Intelligent Notification

Make sure the right person is notified every time.

Configure automatic escalation to require acknowledgment from the person receiving the alert. If the person does not respond within a certain time you can send additional notifications to other people or different devices and phone numbers of the same person.

Over 130 different types of weather, law enforcement, and other emergency government issued alerts.

Rich Alerts

Detailed, map-driven alert information.

Each notification links to a page that allows you to view all the alert details. A map provides the location affected by the alert and precisely drawn polygon(s) of the alert area.

Monitor precise addresses or buildings with precision alerting using state of the art GIS techniques. Notifications are delivered through a distributed system designed for quick and reliable delivery.

For businesses large and small.

Multiple locations?

If you have multiple locations or job sites to monitor you need WarningAware to make sure all the right people are alerted of an emergency or potential hazard.

Perhaps you have customers, employees, or other assets that are outdoors, you owe it them to make sure the right precautions are taken.

Small business?

Even single-location organizations need the level of alert coverage that WarningAware provides.

You may already receive weather alerts of your location on your mobile device via apps but what happens when you're on vacation, a business trip, or otherwise unavailable? Wouldn't you like to make sure the right people are notified every time?

At a glance

Just a few of the features that make WarningAware a powerful alerting platform.


Email, Text Message, Voice Call, Slack.

You decide how you want to receive alerts.

Automatic Escalation.

Insure that the right person or device is notified for a particular location by requiring acknowledgment and defining backup contacts.

Advanced Scheduling.

Define exactly when notifications should or should not be sent for alerts based on alert type, location, or an individual contact. Recurrence patterns and exceptions are supported.

Monitor Multiple Locations.

Search by address or place name, or just drag a marker on a map.

Flexible Notification Policies.

Easily generate thorough notification policies based on criteria such as alert type and distance from the location.

Mass Notification.

Broadcast alert information to large groups of contacts all at once. Publish signup forms to allow contacts to signup to be notified on your website on in your apps.

Contact Management.

Maintain a global list of contacts and organize them into groups.

All-clear Notifications.

Follow-up notifications when the alert expires or is canceled prematurely.

Designed for Mobile.

Responsive design insures that alert details look great on mobile devices.

Slack Integration

Receive alerts on mobile or desktop via Slack.

Slack notifications can be sent to a group channel or as a direct message to a specific person on your team.

Once configured you can receive push notifications of alerts on your mobile device, desktop, or web browser.

Simple Pricing

Choose the plan that fits your size.

All Plans Include:

  • Notifications for two people or devices per alert
  • Reliable Alerting
  • Automatic Escalation
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • Notifications via Email, Text Message (SMS), Voice Call, or Slack
  • Precise Location Monitoring (addresses or buildings)

2 Locations

14 day
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5 Locations



All plans include notifications for up to two people or devices per alert.

Notify additional people or devices for just $0.15 each, per alert.

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25 Locations



50 Locations


Monitoring more locations or notifying many people? Contact us to discuss a custom plan tailored to your needs.
Free Trial limitations: 14 days, 2 additional contacts, 100 notifications total.